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Email not working

Check to make sure your Internet connection is working by opening your Internet browser. If your connection is not working, see the section on Loss of Connection. If your Internet connection is active, then you may have a problem with your email settings.

If you are using an email program such as Microsoft Outlook, incoming mail server (POP3) will always be set to your providers incoming settings and Outgoing mail server (SMTP) is usually set the same.

Example: if you email address is:, than your incoming mail server (POP3) is and your outgoing mail server (SMTP) is

If you have an issue with receiving an email but you can send email, this suggests that your email provider is having server issues and therefore you will need to contact them.

If you have an issue with sending and email but can receive emails, this can usually be resolved by changing your outgoing mail server (SMTP) to: